Visit of head Mobedov Iranian Anjoman to Russia mobed Ardeshir Khorshidian.

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From July, 3 till July, 9th, 2009 Russia the head zoroastian has visited communities of Iran, mobed Ardeshir Khorshidian. During visit it met Pavel Globa, with the Moscow scientists studying Iran and zaratushtrian of Moscow and Petersburg . From July, 6 till July, 8th he has visited St.-Petersburg.

On July, 6th ritual of Dzhashan has been spent, on July, 7th the dear visitor at a meeting has answered questions on zoroastrizm, on July, 8th had a rest in city suburbs, has visited ballet «Swan lake».

Is short from lecture it is possible to note:
1. The person (zzaratushtrian) should pass all forms of Amesha Spenta
2. The main concepts by which it should be guided it conscience and wisdom
3. In Zoroastrizm there are no prejudices, fanaticism. Honesty, love to a science and knowledge practises.
4. Zaratushtrian should be shown actively in a life, develop economy and progress, to be responsible
5. Zaratushtrian lives eternally since true "I" am immortal. Zaratushtrian Iran in case of death of the coreligionist dress celebratory clothes and do not grieve.
6. Zoroastrizm it is intended for people various nationalities
7. There are 3 types of fire (Bahram, Adaran and Dadgah)
8. The basic site of Iran and council mobeds in Teheran on which all parts of Ghats by Zaratushtry on avestian, farsi, English languages are published.

The interesting facts:

In Iran all 45-50 thousand zaratushtrian. ~20 000 doctors, ~30 000 engineers. 1 000 has higher education
The most organised zaratushtrian in Europe, America, India.
In Mexico and Brazil of 2 million zaratushtrian

Yes we will be uniform! Hamazur bim.

The small picture story: