Community history

Since 1989 Pavel Globa began to give in Leningrad lectures on astrologies of Avesta. Interest with these lectures was so is great that in 1990th years they were visited by some thousand persons. During these lectures Pavel Globa explained that an astrology of Avesta inseparably linked with tradition zoroastrizm. Except an astrology Pavel Globa told about substantive provisions zoroastrizm. These stories have found the response at many listeners. In the beginning they were going to celebrate the basic zoroastrian holidays – Novruz, Sede, gahanbars. Then the decision officially to register zoroastrian the organisation was accepted, having united all interested people. So our community on April, 7th, 1994 has been registered.
Pavel Globa has been selected by the spiritual instructor of a community. Knowledge about zoroastrizm has got to it by right of succession from its grandfather Gantimurov Ivan Ivanovich who in 1917 participated in creation zoroastrian communities in Petrograd.
In 1996 Michael Chistjakov became the younger prior of a community. It itself has studied in the beginning language of Avesta on which Ghats, words of Zaratushtry are written. On language of Avesta are spent zoroastrian liturgies. Then Michael Chistjakov has learnt to read Avesta of the others общинников. We began to study ritual carrying out on zoroastrian to a canon accepted at all zoroastrian of the world. Further Michael Chistjakov has continued work on transfer of Avesty. As result of it there was an edition «Hords - Avesta» with a full translation into Russian.
In 1997 began to leave zoroastrian magazine "Митра" which has soon been officially registered in mass-media. Galina Sokolova became the editor of magazine. Thanking its efforts magazine became the excellent edition recognised at world level. On magazine pages it is told about a community life, religious, historical, philosophical, cultural, astrological aspects connected with zoroastrian reveal. The Editor-in-chief of magazine "Mitra" - Pavel Globa.
In 1998 ritual for belts, kushti has been developed. After that tens мembers of a community have tied to themselves a belt, becoming kushtivans. Same year the community site where it has been informed for the whole world on existence of our community has been organised. After that relations with foreign coreligionists began to be established.
In May, 2000 the community has organised and has spent the first zoroastrian the congress. For participation in it to Petersburg has arrived more than hundred participants from different cities of the CIS countries. The priest from India, парс Barzumin Atashban was the guest of honour of the congress zoroastrian .
With 2003 for 2008 our community took part in the organisation of pilgrim trips to Ural Mountains to Arkaim. On set of the facts this place was a source zoroastrizm.

In 2004 to India for participation in the international congress there has gone community delegation. During a trip with pars zoroastrian, including contact has been come into with the president zoroastrian college Sandzhana of Madam Meher Mousse. Further many мembers of a community made similar trips. Madam Meher Mousse together with mabed Kushru Madonom in 2008 has made reciprocal visit to us to Russia in which course lectures, zoroastrian rituals have been conducted.
In 2006 during a trip to Iran relations with Iranian zoroastrian have been established. Reciprocal visit mabed from Jazda Kamrana Loriana in 2007, its trip to Arkaim in 2008 became result of it. In 2009 the community was visited by the Head of Council Mobedov of Horshidian.
Last years under the insisting zoroastrian mabeds Iran and India many мembers of a community have repeatedly made ritual kushti for fuller inclusion in tradition zoroastrizm and recognitions world zoroastrian community.
In 2009 the community has celebrated the 15 anniversary. After this term the community has got according to the Russian legislation the additional driver's licence – reception of a premise from the state, the organisation of branches in other cities. Updating of a site of a community became a gift for all zoroastrian. Already it is a lot of years we annually we celebrate the basic zoroastrian holidays and a minimum of times in a week we light fire and we spend zoroastrian ritual. Fire of Kind religion as name zoroastrizm, continues to burn!