An exclusive interview with Head of Mobedan Anjuman of Tehran

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Behrooz Khalili

Mobed Ardeshir Khorshidian instead of being a researchful Mobed is also a specialist Doctor in the field of opthalmology. Participation of such an important person in the International Zoroastrian Congress gave us the instinct of having an interview with him.

At first a short introduction was given by him about his early life .

I was born in Yazd and finished his first grade studies in yazd.Esfahan was where I studied for my qualified Physician certificate,after that I continued my studies abroad and now at this moment am an eye surgeon in Arya hospital. I have built 3 hospitals to date and am building a hospital in the memory of the first Aryan surgeon (Trita). On the other hand since I was born in the Mobed family I studied about religion from the 1365-1375 with the help of my father,Mobed Shahzadi and Mobed Firuz Azargoshasb.BeforeI got to be a Mobed i continued with my social welfare work. I was with the Esfahan Zoroastrian Anjuman for sometime. In the year 1359 I went to Tehran where I becam a member of Mobedan Anjuman of Tehran. I was also engaged in giving answers to religious questions and also writing articles about religion,philosophy. I have also been engaged in teaching very high and important religious and philosophical classes.One of my books in addition to my writings about my my own field is about Takht e Jamshid.

Questions like in which Congress meetings have you participated & whats your purpose for participating in the Dubai Congress were the other questions which were asked,to which the answer was: participation in the Opthalmologist Congress and the International Zoroastrian Congress organized in U.k, there were many problems in the Congress to which I wrote my comments to the organizing committee. One of the problems were that the speeches were not translated from English to Farsi and that was one fact which showed the distance between the Iranians and the other participants Hoping that this Congress is not going to have the same problems and that one other point will be clarified and that being why this Congress is being held in Dubai and not in a Country having more roots being nearer to our culture and religion.

Regarding the purpose and goal:The answer was very precise and clear: In the Dubai Congress I'm going to talk about the past from the 3747 year (religious date) and also the researches made by Sir Zabih Behruz. I would prefer that my fellow parsi Zarthoshti's also try to take the dates into consideration and make themselves accustomed to it.

The other points in my speech will be about building a material as well as a spiritual (religious) link between the Iranian Zoroastrians and other Zoroastrians in other countries. Our youth who have migrated to other countries or who are wanting to migrate should be given an organized education so that they don't face housing and job problems.This will stop dispersion and will also help in making them preserving their religion.

Mobeds should organize an International worldwide Anjuman in which every year all the religious problems be solved through closer talks and decision making.

Congress's have their effects but its not as desired as it is,the purpose of this years congress is unity and being new.Unity doesn't come to hand just by talk or speech it be present in the society and sould be felt by each one individually. All these require united management. I'm sorry to say that 90% of the main organisers of the congress are parsis who have migrated.It's suggested that a group of countries come together for this purpose.

In my opinion one of the main basis of our religion is unity. By only organising meetings,congresses is not enough. All anjuman's should be respected ,their voice should be heard and all the questions should be answered in the most specialized & correct manner.

As the head of Mobedan Anjuman I would like to give a message to my fellow Zoroastrians that they should observe the principles and should not make details look so big and confusing. Our religion is not based on laws but on principles.principles like fastening the kusti.......... And tariqat(religious way of life) which shows on the whole how a person should lead his/her life.For example a Zoroastrian should not say untruth(druj)

Well so to speak the basis is the same and should not change but the way this base is executed may change through a different span of time. Our religion has not been divided in to laws and like the japanese we don't have 900 Buddha groups. Our religionshould be the same the customs may change. The most beautiful and the most best fact about the Zoroastrian religion is that the differences have not brought up religions and that we have always accustomed ourselves through changes of time and place.