Names of girls:

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From Dosabhai Framji Karaka, History of the Parsis I, London 1884. pp. 162-3. According to Karaka this is "an almost complete list of names of Parsi men and women in general use at present. Those of Hindu origin are marked with asterisks, and the rest are Persian names."

Names that are CAPITALIZED are from Parsiana's Book of Iranian Names. See also J. J. Modi, The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Parsees (Bombay, 1922, pp. 10-11).

ABAN: Waters; name of an angel; name of 10th day and 8th month

ABANDOKHT: Daughter of Aban

ABANHIR: Possessing essence of Aban

ABENAHIR: Water of stream or canal



ANAHITA: Stainless, immaculate; name (or epithet) of an angel (Ardvi Sura Anahita) identified with the sacred Waters (Aban)

ARDVISURA: lit. "mighty Ardvi": Brilliant waters; name of a river in Iran; name of an angel (Ardvi Sura Anahita) identified with the sacred Waters (Aban)

AREDETFREDHI: One having a righteous father; mother of a future savior

ARENAVACHI: Speaking the truth; daughter of King Jamshed

ARGAVAN: Red color

ARMAITI: Humility, devotion, piety; name of an Archangel

ARMINDOKHT: Daughter of a dweller of the garden of Eden

ARNAVAZ: Holy comforter

ARNAZ: Purely graceful

ARTA: Righteous

ARTDOKHT: Righteous daughter

ARYENISH: Of a noble lineage

ARZU: Wish

ASHA: Righteousness, holiness

ASHISHVANGH: Good blessings, sanctity; name of an angel (Av. Ashi Vanghuhi); name of 25th day of month

ATURDOKHT: Daughter of Fire

AVA: (= Aban) Waters; name of an angel; name of 10th day and eighth month



AZADDOKHT: Daughter of a freeman

AZARMIDOKHT: Beloved daughter; a polite girl; name of a Sassanian queen


BAHAR: Spring

BAHMANBANU: Lady with a good mind

BAHMANDOKHT: Good minded maiden; daughter of Bahman

BAKHTAVAR: Fortunate

BANU: Lady


BANUDADHUSH: Lady with justice and intelligence

BANUGUL: Rose-like lady

BANUGUSHNASP: Lady who possesses a male horse; name of a brave daughter of Rustam

BANUHUFRIYA: Friendly lady, loving lady

BANUHUFRIZ: Well-born lady

BANUHURAM: Lady with joy; name of hero Rustam's wife

BANUHURURISH: Lady shining like the sun

BEHAFRID: Well created

BEHRUZ: Good day

BEHZAD: Well born

BENAFSHA: A violet


BOSTAN: Place of fragrance; garden; name of a book by Sheikh Saadi

CHAMAN: Garden


CHEHERAZAD: Of noble descent

DADHUSH: Born intelligent

DADHUSHFARROKH: Born with auspicious intelligence

DANISH: Wisdom

DEHBANU: Village lady

DELAFRUZ: Kindler of the heart

DELARA: Adorner of heart; beloved

DELARAM: Comfort to heart; lovely woman

DELBAHAR: Heart of the spring season

DELBANU: Lady of heart; loving lady

DELBAR: Loving; sweetheart

DELDAR: Keeper of heart; lover

DELKHUSH: Pleasant; cheerful; opener of heart

DELNAVAZ: Caresser of heart

DELRUBA: Ravishing of heart

DELSHAD: Of happy heart

DEYAZAD: Worshipful creator


DIN: Religion; conscience; name of an angel; name of 24th day

DINAZ: Religious song, music


DINBANU: Lady of faith

DINBANU: Lady of faith

DOGDO: One who milks cows; daughter; Av. Dugedhra, name of Zarathushtra's mother


FAHNIK: Virtuous

FARHANG: Knowledge, learning

FARIDA: Proud, headstrong

FARKHONDA: Happy, fortunate

FARNAZA, FARZANAK: Learned; intelligent


FERANGIZ: Dazzling glory; name of mother of King Kai-Khusrow

FEROZA: Victorious

FEROZBANU: Victorious lady

FEROZBANU: Victorious lady

FRANAK: Glorious; name of King Faridoon's mother

FRANAK: Glorious; name of King Faridoon's mother

FRAWARTI: Guardian Spirit

FRENY: Beloved; name of one of the daughters of Zarathushtra


GANJ: Treasure

GOHAR: Essence; nature; jewel

GOHARAFRID: Created by nature

GORDAFRID: Created as a hero; name of an Iranian heroine who fought against Sohrab

GORDIEH: A woman warrior

GUL: Flower; rose

GULAFRUZ: Dazzling like a flower

GULAFSAN: Rose fable

GULAFSHAN: Dispersing like a flower

GULANDAM: Having the form of a flower; slender, delicate

GULBADAN: Having a body like a rose

GULBAHER: A spring flower


GULBANU: Flower-like lady

GULBARG: A roseleaf

GULCHEHR: Having a countenance like a rose; name of the beloved of Aorang

GULESTAN: Garden of roses; name of book by Sheikh Saadi

GULKHANDAN: Smiling like a flower


GULLALA: The tulip flower

GULNAR: Pomegranate

GULPAEKAR: Rose-faced

GULROXAR: Rose-faced; rosy-cheeked

GULRUKH: Rose-faced; ruddy

GULSHAN: A delightful spot; rose garden

GULSHIRIN: Sweet like a rose: name of daughter of King Yazdgerd who defeated the Arabs for a time

GULZAR: Garden Of flowers


HOMA: Name of an Iranian bird

HOMAI: Well proportioned; name of Kayanian King Bahman's wife

HORMAZBANU: Lady bearing the name of God

HUFRIYA: One who possesses much love

HUTOSH: Well-formed

HUTOXI: Diligent, industrious; name of King Gushtasp's queen

HVOVI: Of the family of Hvov wnich means 'having good animals'; consort of Zarathushtra

IRANBANU: Lady of Iran

IRANDOKHT: Daughter of Iran

JAHANARAY: Adorner of the world



KAIANDOKHT: Daughter of Kayanian family

KAIDOKHT: Daughter of a king; princess

KANIZ: Maiden

KATAYUN: Name of the Queen of King Gushtasp

KATIN: Belonging to the house

KEHERAFRID: Made of chestnut or bay color

KERBANU: A lady of felicity, strength, and power

KESHVAR: Country, region



KHUBCHEHR: Good looking

KHUBRUI: Of fine features

KHURMAND: Possessing glory

KHURSHID: Shining sun; Av. Hvare Khshaeta

KHURSHIDBANU: Lady like the sun

KHUSHCHEHR: Of pleasing face


KHUSHNAMA, KHUSHNAM: Of nice appearance

KHUSHNAWAZ: Pleasingly caressing


LAL: Ruby: red wine: vermillion lips of a lovely woman

LALAGUL: Tulip flower

LALEH: Tulip: the tulip-shaped pestle used in the Yasna ceremony

LILYA: Dark night

MAH: Moon

MAHAFRID: Created great

MAHAFRIN: Blessing of the moon

MAHAZIVER: A lady with golden ornaments

MAHBANU: Moon-like lady

MAHCHEHR: With features like the moon

MAHDOKHT: Daughter of the moon

MAHIN: Like the moon

MAHINBANU: Lady like the moon

MAHKHURSHID: Moon and sun

MAHPAEKAR: Having a face like the moon

MAHPARI: Fairy of the moon

MAHPARVIN: Moon Pleiades

MAHPERVIZ: Excellent like the moon

MAHROKH, MAHRU: Having a face like the moon

MAHTAB: Shining moon

MAHZARIN: Golden moon



MANI: Angelic

MANIZEH: A jewel of a lady; name of wife of Bezan and daughter of Afrasiab

MEHER: The sun; love, kindness, friendship: justice; name of an angel; name of the 16th day and seventh month

MEHERAFRAZ: Exalted by love

MEHERAFRID: Created by love

MEHERAFRIN: Blessings of the sun

MEHERAFRUZ: Kindled by love

MEHERANGIZ: One that creates love


MEHERBANU: Lady of love

MEHERCHEHR: Having features like the sun

MEHERKHODA: Lord of friendship; Grace of God

MEHEROKH: With a face like the sun

MEHERPAEKAR: Of a face like the sun

MEHERSIMIN: Having a silvery form like Mihr




NAHEED: Venus; stainless, immaculate


NARENJ: Orange

NARGES: Narcissus

NAVAZ: One who caresses, soothes; name of a musical instrument


NAVAZESH: Caressing, soothing

NAZAKAT: Elegance, politeness, tenderness

NAZBANU: Graceful lady

NAZCHEHR: Graceful looks

NAZNEEN: Graceful maiden

NAZTAB: Shining grace: epithet applied by Firdousi to Mushknaz

NEKAKHTAR: Of good stars

NEKBAKHT: Of good fortune

NEKCHEHR: Of good appearance

NEKDEL: Of good heart


NILOPAL, NILUFER: Lotus, water-lily

PAESANGNU: A decorated female

PARENDI: An angel of prosperity

PARI: Fairy

PARIBANU: Fairy-girl

PARICHEHR: Fairy-faced

PARIK: Fairy

PARIN: Fairy-like

PARINDOKHT: Daughter of a fairy

PARIZAD: Born of a fairy

PARVANA: A butterfly, a moth

PARVIN: Pleiades; pearls

PARVIZ: Victorious; happy; excellent

PAYENDEH: Permanent


POURUCHISTI: Full of wisdom; name of daughter of Zarathushtra

PURAN: Of red color; successor

PURANDOKHT: Name of a queen, daughter of Puran

PURGAV: Having many cows



RAMBANU: Lady of joy

RAMBEHESHT: Paradise of joy

RASHNA: Rectitude

Ratanbai, Ratubai*

ROBAB: A musical instrument

ROBEAB: Sweeping of waters

ROKHSAR: Bright face

ROSHAN: Bright; shining


ROSHANAK: Bright woman

ROSHNI: Lustre

ROXENDA: Flashing

ROZAFZUN: Prosperous day

ROZBAHAR: Spring day

ROZMEHER: Day of love ard light

RUDABEH: River water, name of wife of Zal

RUHAE: A woman of good fortune


RUX: Day

RUXSHIN: Shining, bright

RUZBEH: Good day


SAMANBAR: Forebearing

SAMANNAZ: Beautiful lily of the val!ey; name of the daughter of Kurang, king of Zabulistan, who married King Jamshed

SAMANRUKH: With a patient face

SANOBER: A name of an evergreen tree like the cypress

SAPINUD: White; name of an Iranian queen

SARAFRAZ: With an exalted head; honored

SAROSH: Obedience; an angel; name of 17th day

SARV: Cypress

SARVAZAD: Noble like a cypress

SAVANGHVACHI: Speaking gainfully; Av. name for a daughter of King Jamshed


SHAHDOKHT: Daughter of a monarch, princess

SHAHI: Royal

SHAHNAVAZ: Caresser of a King

SHAHNAZ: Pride of a King

SHAHRINAZ: Music of the realm

SHAHRU: Having a face like a sovereign

SHAHZAN: Royal spouse: virgin wedded, so named in Parsi marriage benediction


SHAKERBANU: sweet lady

SHAKERNAZ: Delicate as sweet words

SHEHERAZAD: Independant, Free

SHEHERBANU: Lady of the city

SHEHERIVAR [Shahrewar]: Power at will; name of an Archangel; name of fourth day and sixth month

SHEHERNAVAZ: Comfort of the city

SHEHERNAZ: Glory of the City

SHIRBANU: Brave lady

SHIRDOKHT: Brave daughter



SHIRINBANU: Sweet lady

SIMBAR: Having a white complexion

SIMIN: Silvery

SIMINDOKHT: Silvern girl

SIMURG: Mythical bird

SINDOKHT: Name of a female ancestor of Rustam

SPENTA ARMAITI: Beneficient, right mindedness, truthfulness; name of an Archangel


SRUTATFEDHRI: Having a famous father; Av. name of the mother of one of the three saviours of the world

SUDABEH: Having lustrous profit; name of the daughter of King of Hamavaran, and Oueen of King Kaus, the Kayanian



SUSAN: Lily; fir tree; name of a Turanian dancing girl who trapped Iranian heroes


TAJBANU: Lady of the Crown; queen

TANAZ: Having a delicate body

TEHMINA: Strong woman; name of hero Rustam's wife and daughter of King of Samangan

THRITY: Third one; Av. name for one of the daughters of Zarathushtra

TISHTAR: Angel of rain

TOKHMESARV: Having stature like a cypress

TUSHNAMAITY: Contented mind

USHTAVAITY: Having bliss: name of the second Gatha

VAHBIZ: Bestowed by God

VANGHU FREDHI: Of good parentage; name of mother of future saviour

VIRA: Heroine


VIRBANU: Heroic lady

VISPANFRIVA: Beloved of all

YASMIN: Jasmine

YAZDIN: Angelic

YAZDINDOKHT: Angelic daughter

ZAMROD: Jamrud, the river of Jam, a town near Peshawar

ZARIN: Golden

ZARINCHINAR: Golden poplar

ZARMANDOKHT: Daughter of time

ZER: Gold

ZOISH: The invoker; name of Zarathushtra's grand-mother