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From Dosabhai Framji Karaka, History of the Parsis I, London 1884. pp. 162-3. According to Karaka this is "an almost complete list of names of Parsi men and women in general use at present. Those of Hindu origin are marked with asterisks, and the rest are Persian names."

Names that are CAPITALIZED are from Parsiana's Book of Iranian Names. See also J. J. Modi, The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Parsees (Bombay, 1922, pp. 10-11).

ABADAN: Prosperous

ABADARD: One who possesses prosperity

ABADI: Prosperity

ABARJA: Most strenuous

ABTUM: Creator of the plentiful waters

ADAR: Fire; name of an angel. Av. Atar, Pahl. Atur

ADARBAD: Protector of fire; name of a saint

ADARBAHRAM: Fire of success, victory

ADARBURZIN: Fire of exaltation; name of son of hero Framroz; shortened form of Adarburzinmeher

ADARBURZINMEHER: Fire of exalted love and affection; the third sacred fire of Sassanian Iran, that of husbandmen

ADARFIROZ: Fire of victory

ADARFRA: Fire of glory

ADARGUSHNASP: Fire dedicated to a war stallion; the second sacred fire of Sassanian Iran, that of warriors; an emblem of military strength


ADARHOSHANG: Fire of knowledge and intelligence


ADARKHORDAD: Fire of glory

ADARKHURSHID: Fire of the sun

ADARMAH: Month of Adar

ADARMARD: A man of power

ADARPADYAVAND: Fire of power

ADARVAN: Fire protector

ADEL: Just

ADRO: Most righteous

ADVI: Needing no protection

AFIVEH: Extremely good


AHUMSTUT: One who prays the Ahu(nvar) i.e. Yatha Ahu Vairyo

AHUN: Of God, pertaining to God

AIRYAMAN: Noble mind, name of an angel

AMARDAD: Immortality; Av. Ameretat; Pahl. Amurdad

AMAVAND: Powerful, strong

ANAOSHAK: Immortal

ANOSH: Immortal; elixir

ANOSHIRUVAN: Having an immortal soul

AORANG: Glory, honor

AOSHNAR: A man of intellect; Av. Aoshanara

ARASH: Truthfulness; righteousness; name of a famous archer of ancient Iran; Av. Erekhsha: Pahl. Arish

ARASTI: Adorned; name of Zarathushtra's uncle; father of Mediomah

ARAWAOSTRA: Possessing a white stallion

ARDAFRAVASH: Holy guardian spirit

ARDAKHOREH: Having holy lustre

ARDASHIR: Righteous ruler; Pahl. form of Av. Aretakhshathra

ARDAVIRAF: Holy resplendent hero


ARDVAN: Protector of holiness

ARMIN: A dweller of the garden of Eden; son of King Kobad

ARSHAK: Straightforward

ARSHAMA: Having the might of a hero


ARSHAVIR: Righteous hero

ARSHIS: Blessing

ARTA: Righteous

ARTAFARNIS: Havng holy glory

ARTAVARDIYA: Doer of justice, name of one of Darius' generals

ARTAWAHISHTA, ARDWAHISHT: Best holiness; one of the seven Amahraspands meaning archangels; Av. Asha Vahishta

ARVAND: Swift; brave, courageous; name of a mountain in old Iran; Av. Aurvant

ARYABURZIN: Exalted Iranian

ARYAMEHER: Aryan sun; sun amongst the Aryans

ARZANI: Worthy

ASDIN: Hope of religion

ASFANDIAR: Created by the holy spirit

ASHAVAHISHT: Best righteousness


ASHTAD: Rectitude; name of an angel

ASPANDAD: Bountiful humility, earth; name of an angel

ASPANDYAR: Bountiful friend; Av. Spentodator meaning bountiful

ASPANTAMAN: White one; family name of Zarathushtra. Av. Spitama

ASRAT: Third; Av. Thrita; father of hero Kersasp of the Sama family

ASTOH: Unconquerable

ATARS: Undaunted

ATBIN: Of water; name of the father of King Faridoon; Av. Athvyan

ATHRINA: Pertaining to fire

AURASHASPA: Possessing swift camels

AURVATASP: One having swift horses; name of the father of Vishtaspa

AYANGHAT: Made of iron

AZAD: Noble

AZADAFROZ: Shining nobly

AZADCHEHR: Of noble appearance

AZADMARD: Noble man

AZADSARV: Noble cypress

AZARKEVAN: Fire of Saturn; name of a famous dastur

AZARMIG: Endearing, honored, respected

AZARZUSHNES: Fire-like potency

AZMAN: Infinite

BABAK: Diminutive of father in Pers. Ancestor of Sassanian King Ardashir; Pahl. Papak

BAGHODAT: Created by God

BAHADUR: Valiant

BAHMAN: Good mind

BAHMANYAR: Having a friend with a good mind

BAHMARD: Good man

BAHRAM: Victorious; name of an angel. Av. Verethraghna

BAHRAMCHOBIN: Having a victorious club; name of a celebrated Iranian general

BAHRAMDAD: Created by victory

BAHRAMGOR: Sassanian King Bahram, famous for extraordinary skill in shooting gor i.e. wild ass

BAHRAMIAN: Descended from the family of Bahram

BAKHTAFRID: Blessed by fortune

BAKHTAFRIT: Blessed by fortune

BAKHTYAR: Friend of fortune

BALASH: Name of a king; another form of Valakhsh



BAMSHAD: Pleasant dawn


BARAZ: Exalted


BARMAN: High minded

BARZU, BURJOR: Exalted: Av. Berezat, name of an angel; name of grandson of hero Rustam

BASTAVAR, BASTUR: Name of a famous hero; Av. Bastavairi one who wears a tight armor round his chest; name of Zarir's son and King Gushtasp's nephew

BEHBUD: Good leader

BEHRUZ: Good day

BEHZAD: Born of good family




BEZAN: Name of the son of Banugushnasp the brave daughter of hero Rustam



BOKHTAR: Redeemer, saviour

BOKHTAR: Reliever of all troubles

BORJIS: Exaltation

BUNDAR: With a noble lineage

BURZAFRAH: Having exalted glory

BURZAFRID: One who is exalted

BURZASP: Having tall stallions

BURZIN: Exalted

BURZINCHEHER: With an exalted face

BURZINKURUSH: Exalted sun, name of a teacher of Zarathushtra

BURZINMEHER, BUZARGMEHER: Exalted love, great friendship

CHAKHRAVAT: Having a chariot

CHAXSHNUSH: Rejoicing; name of Zarathushtra's ancestor

CHEHERAZAD: Of noble countenance

CHUBIN: Having a wooden mace, club, or bat; nickname of the famous General Bahram of King Khusru Parvez who used a wooden club

DAD: Law, justice; name of a pious dastur

Dadabhai, Dadi*

DADAFARIN: Created by justice

DADAR: Creator

DADBANDAD: Law-conforming

DADBURZIN: Exalted by law

DADFARUK: Shining by law

DADFIRUZ: Victorious by law


DADMEHER: Just law

DAENOVAJANGH: Religious force


DANESHVAR: Possessing knowledge, learned

DARA, DARAB, DARABSHAH, DARASHAH: Name of a king, shah being an honorific


DARAYUS, DARIUS, DARYUS: Possessing goodness; Cun. Darayavahu. name of the famous Achaemenian king

DARAZDAST: Long-handed; King Artaxerxes Longimanus was thus called

DASTAN: Strong, powerful; another name for Zal, father of Rustam

DAVRAMESHI: Having stout sheep

DEHMEHER: Friend of village

DELAFRUZ: Kindler of the heart

DELAWAR: Liberal, charitable

DELIR: Brave

DELSUZ: Sympathetic

Dhanjibhai, Dhanjisha*

DINPANAH: Having protection of the religion


DINSHAH: Lord of religion

DINYAR: Friend of religion

DIVBAND: Binder of demons



DRAVASP: Having healthy horses; name of an angel to whom Yasht IX (Gosh) is dedicated


EMET: Hope

ERACH: Noble: name of the youngest son of King Faridoon

Erachji, Erachsha

EREZWAND, EREZWA: Righteous, holy


FARAVINDAD: Obtaining glory

FARDAD: Endowed with splendor


FAREDUN, FARIDOON: Pahl. Fretan; Av. Thraeraona meaning thrice strong: famous king of Iran, who killed Zohak

FARHAD: Cutter of stones; name of an Iranian who, to win his beloved Queen Shirin, dug through an immense mountain

FARIBURZ: Exalted glory

FARKHAN, FARKHANEH: Behaving with propriety

FARNBAG: God's glory: the first sacred Fire of Sassanian Iran, that of priests and noblemen

FARROKH: Auspicious, blessed, happy

FARROKHAN: Glorious, having glory

FARROKHBAKHSH: Bestower of joy, happiness

FARROKHBONDAD: Having a happy family

FARROKHHORMAZD: Prosperous Ohrmazd

FARROKHMARD: Happy, prosperous man

FARROKHNEZAD: Of blessed purity


FARROKHZAD, FARKHOZAD: Auspiciously born

FARSAK: Father of all progress

FARUD: Descent; name of the brother of King Kay-Khosraw

FARZAN: Wise, learned

FEROZGAR: The triumphant

FIRDOUS: Paradise

FIRDOUSI: Belonging to Paradise; nom de plume of the greatest poet of Iran

Firozji, Firozsha

FRAHIMRAWA: Exalted soul

FRAHISRVA: Celebrated

FRAMARZ, FARAMROZE: Merciful: name of the son of hero Rustam. His exploits are narrated in Borzu Nameh and Framarz Nameh

Framji, Framroz

FRASHAOSHTRA: Having useful camels; name of a believer; brother of Jamasp, of the Hvogva family

FRASHAVARD: Name of a son of King Gushtasp killed in battle with Arjasp Av. Frash-ham-vareta

FRAVAK: Forthright speaker; name of the father of King Hoshang and son of Siamak

FREORTIS: Farvardin; name of the first month

GAODHASTI: One who maintains animals

GASHTAHAM: Very strong; name of the valiant son of King Naodar

GAUBRUVA: Cun. name of a Persian companion of Darius

GAVE, GEV: Name of the son of Gudarz, and the husband of Banugushnasp, the brave daughter of Rustam

GAYOMARD: Mortal life; name of the progenitor of the Aryans

GELSHAH: King of the earth; another name of Gayomard

GERAMIG: Dear; treasured; name of one of the generals of King Gushtasp


GIRA: Supreme control

GOBERU: Cattle nourisher; name of the Zoroastrian ruling dynasty of Tabaristan


GORAZE: One who organizes; Av. Varaze, name of an Iranian hero; brother of King Gushtasp

GOSHNJAM: Powerful river Jam; name of the father of Dastur Manushchehr

GOVAD: Name of an angel presiding over wind; name of 22nd day of each month

GUDARZ, GODREJ: Father of Gev, a wise counsellor at the court of Iran

GUSHNASP: Possessing a stallion

GUSHTAHM: Of a strong family

GUSHTASP: Having a ready horse; Av. Vishtaspa. Greek Hystaspis; Kayanian patron king of Zarathushtra


HABUB: Having good animals or cows: Av. Hvogva, family name of Jamasp

HAECHATASPA: One who sprinkles water on horses; fourth ancestor of Zarathushtra: family name of Zarathushtra

HAFTANBAD: Made prosperous by seven Archangels or planets (?)

HAKHAMANISH: Friendly mind: name of the fifth ancestor of Darius the Great, after whom the Achaemenian dynasty was named

HARDAR: Eighth linear ancestor of Zarathushtra

HARDARASHNA: Seventh ancestor of Zarathushtra


Hirji, Hirjibhai*

HOM: Name of an angel; name of a sacred medicinal plant

HOMA: Name of a bird of Iran

HOMFRASHMI: Foremost Hom; name of a pious man who caught Afrasiab in his noose and handed him over to Kay-Khosraw


HOMYAR: Friend of the angel Hom


HORMAZD: Av. Ahura Mazda. Phl. Ohrmazd, Omniscient Lord of Existence

HORMAZDAD: Created by Ohrmazd

HORMAZDYAR: Friend of Ohrmazd

HOSH: Intelligence

HOSHANG: Knowledge and intelligence; Av. Haoshyangha. name of a Pishdadian klng

HOSHEDAR, AUSHEDAR: One who increases holiness; name of a future saviour

HOSHEDARMAH, AUSHEDAR-MAH: One who increases reverence; name of another future saviour

HOSHYAR: Clever; name of a learned mobed, disciple of Dastur Azar Kaiwan

HUAFRID: Well-created name of a king and his dynasty who ruled after the Kayanians

HUAFRITA: Well-loved

HUCHITHRA: Having good origin

HUKHSHTHRA: Good ruler

HUSRAV: Of good fame

HUTAN: Well-bodied

HUVASPA: Having good horses

HUZVAK: Good speaker

HVARECHAESHMAN: Having eyes like the sun

HVARECHITHRA: Originated from the sun; Av. name of the second son of Zarathushtra

IRANSHAH: King of Iran. used today for the holiest Fire enthroned at Udvada

ISATVASTRA: Voluntary agriculturist Av. name of eldest son of Zarathushtra

ISHVAT: Desired

IZAD, YAZAD: God; angel. Av. Yazata

IZADYAR: Friend of God

JAHAN: World

JAHANABAD: One who makes the world prosper

JAHANBAX: Bestower of the world; son of hero Framarz

JAHANDAR: Keeper of the world

JAHANGIR: Conqueror of the world

JAHANJUY: Seeker of the world

JAHANMARD: Man of the world

JAHANSHAH: King of the world

JAHANSUZ: Burner of the world; name of hero Barzu's son


JAMASP: Possessor of sturdy horses; name of a minister of King Gushtasp who was the husband of Pouruchisti, youngest daughter of Zarathushtra


JAMSHED: The shining river Jam; Av. Yima Khshaeta, famous Pishdadian king


JAMSHIR: Son of King Khosraw Parviz who ruled for a brief period

JANAFRUZ: One who cheers, kindles life

JANDAL: Name of a wise counsellor of King Faridoon, sent to the court of Yaman

JANGI: Warlike; brave

JAVANMARD: Young man

JAVIDAN: Etemal. perpetual; name of the father of Ardashir, a signatory to the letter of the Zoroastrians of Khorasan to the Parsis, dated 880 A.Y.





KAI, KAY: Royal



KAIKOBAD: Name of founder of Kayanian dynasty; Av. Kavi Kavata friend of royalty

KAMBUJIYA, KABUJIVA: (OP) Gk. Cambyses, the son of Cyrus the Great

KAMDELE: Desire of the heart

KAMRAN: Successful in every undertaking; name of a learned Zoroastrian of Shiraz

KAMUS: Family name of Eshkabus, killed by Rustam with one arrow

KARAN: Active, efficient

KARlMAN: Name of a son of hero Barzu

KAUS, KAVAS: Name of a believer; Av. Kavay; his Farohar is invoked in Farvardin Yasht

KAVANNUSH: Kingly nectar; name of a brother of King Faridoon

Kavasji, or Kavasha

KAVAY: Royal dynasty

KAVEH: The famous smith of Isfahan who defeated the usurper Zohak and established Faridoon on the throne of Iran