101 Names of Dadar Hormuzd and their meaning…

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1. Yazad Worthy of worship 52.Hamarna Just Accountant
2. Harvesp-tawan All-Powerful 53.Sanaea Knowing all things
3. Harvesp-Agah All-Knowing 54.A-tars Fearless
4. Harvesp-Khoda Lord of all 55.A-bish Devoid of pain
5. Abadeh Without Begenning 56.A-frajdum Most exalted one
6. Abi-Anjam Without End 57.Ham-chun Ever the same
7. Bun-e-stiha Root of creation 58.Mino-satihgar Invisible Creator of the Universe
8.Frakhtan-taih Endless Bliss 59.A-minogar Creator of the Profoundly Spiritual
9.Jamaga Primal Cause 60.Mino-nahab Hidden within the spirit
10.Prajatarah Exalted one 61.Adar-bad- gar Transmuter of Fire into Air
11.Tum-afik Purest of the pure 62.Adar-nam- gar Transmuter of Fire into dew
12.Abaravand Detached from all 63.Bad-adar- gar Transmuter of Air into Fire
13.Paravandeh In touch with all 64.Bad-nam-gar Transmuter of Air into dew
14.An-ayafeh Unattainable 65.Bad-gail- gar Transmuter of Air into Earth
15.Hama-Ayafeh Attainer of all 66.Bad-gred- tum Supreme Transmuter of Air into dust
16.Adro Most Righteous 67.Adar-kibritatum Supreme Transmuter of Fire int divine sparks
17.Gira Upholder of all 68.Bad-gar-jae Spreading Air everywhere
18.A-ehem Beyond reason 69.Ab-tum Creator of Lifegiving water
19.Chamana Sovereign Reason 70.Gail-adar- gar Transmuter of Dust into Fire
20.Safana Bountiful One 71.Gail-vad- gar Transmuter of Dust into Air
21.Afza Ever Prolific 72.Gail-nam- gar Transmuter of Dust into water
22.Nasha Reaching equally to all 73.Gar-gar Master Craftsman
23.Parwara Nourisher 74.Garo-gar Rewarder of sincere desires
24.Ianaha Protector of the world 75.Gar-a-gar Creator of all Humanity and its actions
25.Ain-aenah Never Changing 76.Gar-a-gar- gar Creator of all Human and Animal Life
26.An-aenah Formless 77.A-gar-agar Creator of all the four elements
27.Kharoshid- tum Most Steadfast among the Steadfast 78.A-gar-a-gar- gar Creator of all the planets and all other worlds
28.Mino-tum Lord Invisible 79.A-guman Never in doubt
29.Vasna All-Pervading 80.A-jaman Ageless
30.Harvastum All in all 81.A-Khuan Eternally awake
31.Hu-sepas Worthy of our profound thanks 82.Amast Ever-alert
32.Har-Hamid All embracig Goodness 83.Fashutana Ever-Protecting
33.Har-naik faraih All embracing Holy light 84.Padmani Recorder of Man’s actions
34.Baish-tarana Remover of affliction 85.Firozgar Victorious
35.Taronish Beyond Affliction 86.Khudawand Lord of the Universe
36.Anah-aoshaka Immortal 87.Ahuramazd Lord of Life and Wisdom
37.Farasaka Fulfiller of Holy Desires 88.Abarin-kuhan- tawan Preserver of Creation
38.Pajohdehad Creator of Holy attributes 89.Abarin-nao- tawan Renewer of Creation
39.Khwafar Compassionate Judge 90.Vaspan Embracing All Creation
40.Avakhshiaea Merciful Giver 91.Vaaspar Giver of All Things
41.Abaraja Bountiful Giver 92.Khawar Infinitely Patient
42.A-satoha Unconquerable 93.Ahu Lord of exisience
43.Rakhoha Freest of the free 94.Avakshidar Forgiver of sins
44.Varun Deliverer from evil 95.Dadar Divine Creator
45.A-farefah Never Deceiving 96.Raiyomand Rayed in glory
46.Be-fareftah Never Deceived 97.Khorehmand Haloed in Light
47.A-dui One without a second 98.Davar Lord of Justice
48.Kam-rad Lord of desire 99.Kerfaigar Lord of Just Rewards
49.Farman-kam Decreer of Sovereign Desire 100.Bokhtar Liberator
50.Aekh Tan Soul Supereme 101.Farsho-gar Awakener of Eternal Spring
51.A-faremosh Never-forgetting

Source: Meher Baba

Courtesy : Dara