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«Ahura Mazda has promised that He will help and support all those who remember Him with true heart.»


    Ahura Mazda is the creator of every good thing that we see around us. No evil ever comes from Him. He has created the whole world with wonderful creations so that man can live a happy life with the help of these creations.

    Ahura Mazda created man superior to other creations, gave him intelligence and sovereignity over time. At the same time, He gave man the responsibility to look after other creations - air, water, earth, minerals, plants and animals. Man should utilise them with wisdom and temperance, and never misuse or overuse them.

    To each one of us Ahura Mazda has given a beautiful life. We are surrounded by loving and caring people, like our parents, friends and teachers. He has given us a healthy body and an active mind, which, if properly used, can help us achieve anything in life.

    Ahura Mazda has created this world so that with our help, His good power S P E N T A M A I N Y U can fight and defeat the evil power A N G R A MAINYU and drive him away from this world.

    The most important gift of Ahura Mazda to us is Ahura Mazda Himself. He is our friend brother and father. To be Ahura Mazda’s friend, we have to first ask for His friendship. This can be done by pleasing hm with our right conduct and following His teachings through our religion. If we take this first step, Ahura Mazda will take several steps to come to us and be our friend for life.

    Then, we should have COMPLETE FAITH that Ahura Mazda is our friend, and He will come to our help whenever we call Him. If Ahura Mazda is our friend we will always joyful, happy, prosperous, strong and confident.

    We should not knowingly hurt anybody in the world, as all are creations and children of the same God. We should take extra care not to hurt our parents, friends and well-wishers. We have to take the utmost care to see that we do not do anything that hurts our greatest friend — Ahura Mazda.

    Ahura Mazda has promised that He will help and support all those who remember Him with a true heart.

    Ahura Mazda continues to be our friend and helps us, irrespective of our behaviour. However, by our wrong choices and bad actions we close ourselves to His help. He never punishes. Thus whenever we are unhappy, it is not because of Ahura Mazda punishing us, but because the results of our mistakes, errors and evil thoughts, words and actions, are coming back to us. Our happiness and sadness depends on the law of “Evil unto evil, good blessings unto the good.”



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SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011