Putin about zoroastrianism


source: president site

I don't consider myself a specialist of Persian literature, which I regret, because everything I hear or learn is very interesting despite being fragmented. This also concerns the history of Iran, a part of world history. Iran is initially a world power that spread from the near East to India, and even included some parts of the former Soviet republics.
Iran is a country of protoreligion, Zoroastrianism. Some specialist consider it an eventual source of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. But according to some studies, Zoroastrianism was born on Russia's territory, in the south Urals. And followers of this great religion ended up on the territory of Iran after a great migration. This is to say that the histories of our two countries and the roots of their cultural exchange are much deeper than can be imagined at first. That gives security that our two countries will always be able to communicate on any problem, since we understand one another.