Hamazor Prayer

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The Hamazor Prayer of Unity

Hamazor bim, (May we be united in strength)
Hamazor asho bim, (May we be united in strength and righteousness)
Hamazor vesh kerfe bim; (May we be united in strength and good deeds)
Ham kerfe karan bim,(May we be the doers of good deeds)
Dur az vanah karan bim, (May we be far from evil-doers)
Sare sarat va chinvat pul buzrag shad va asan man, (May we cross mountain tops and Chinwad Bridge with ease and rejoicing with rejoicing and ease)
Bevadirad behest garothman va fashum akhan raushan garothman, (May we attain the best existence of heaven and the eternal bliss of the light of heaven)
Hama khur-rami avar rasad. (May we receive such pious yearnings.)